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[Event Calendars] Jurassic World Alive | October 2020


Your one-stop for all the events coming to Jurassic World Alive in October!

NOTE: The Treasure Chase is only 1 collect per day.

10/26 to 11/01

10/19 to 10/25

10/12 to 10/18

10/05 to 10/11


Not bad. Haast Eagle is meh, but it might get its hybrid buffed. Purutaurus and Smilodon will always be nice for extra. Phoru will be good for its hybrids. Echo has Indom Gen 2 going for it. Overall, a good week.

Quite meh, don’t understand Smilodon there…
No cleanse move, no lockdown or no-escape ability… like, why?

Haast eagle strike isn’t bad. thats 200 dna for stockpiling. individual components to some pretty good dinos this week. i’d say overall its an ok week for me.

Prowl cleanses

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It’s not a cleanse move, more like a self-buffing one.
In that case, why isn’t Marsupial in this week too? Or Thyla?
What about the hadrosaurs that also have a cleanse move?

As mixed weeks go, this is bad.

Haast Eagle has a hybrid already

It has the effect of cleanse, but yes, it is more of a self buff move. Plus, we just had an all hadrosaur week, so it would just be a repeat, and they dont want that. It has more interesting dinos now, and honestly isnt not a bad week. Not great, just good

It’s gen 1. Check the field guide

Ok. Was not paying attention when I looked will edit that.

A nice week to relax after the last few being quite intense

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Agreed. Not really gonna dart much, but Im gonna enjoy those coins.

Some members of my Alliance want Echo so I’ll hunt her for them this week otherwise nothing I need this week.

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One of my alliance mates wants Blue. Hoping it would come with the cute week, but nope.

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I just think the events have been kinda sucking lately. Here, there is nothing too desirable. At least if you’re mid-high, because this is amazing for my alt.

I mean the last few had a lot of exclusive stuff. So it was desirable

Why are all the good Incubators so demanding?
There’s a lot of low level people too.
And Haast eagle is a REALLY good distractor.

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Why are the epic ones so demanding? They are supposed to be for the endgame players as a reward for getting to the endgame. They are there for the veterans with high level endgame creatures. Once you get good enough creatures, you will eventually be able to defeat and obtain the incubators. However, if they were easy, many people would find this game unexciting due to its ease. Thats why they are so demanding. I hope you can get one soon though!

the epic incubators like Haast Eagle’s are Master strikes or Expert Strikes. Top of the difficulty level so there is a range of fun of all players. They require high levels and the right strategy to beat, almost like the raid bosses. If you’re having trouble, reach out on the forums. someone may be able to help you find a strategy that will work as even lower level creatures can pull their weight.