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[Event Calendars] Jurassic World Alive | September 2020


Your one-stop for all the events coming to Jurassic World Alive in September!

NOTE: The Treasure Chase is only 1 collect per day.

09/28 to 10/04

09/21 to 09/27

09/14 to 09/20

09/07 to 09/13


Woohoo! Toujangosuar!!


No me aparecen todas las misiones.

really happy to see almost all of those creatures. Probably going to focus on Pachy and Toujang the most, their hybrids are fantastic. Magnapyritator is incredible though so i’m not sure

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Tuojin gives me life.
Let’s hope they don’t edit out the premium on sunday.

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Yeah I could really use that 30k gold

The wisest things to dart would be Quetza and Arctops honestly, but I’m going all Quetza.

I feel as if since Camp Cretaceous is coming out next week that week will be based around dinosaurs in the show:
Carno, Anky, Rex, Raptor, possibly even a chance or two at Indominus. That would be fun


Whos going all pyroraptor i know i am

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As there’s not much choice with the epics i’ll probably go with whatever the drops provide near me this time.

Where’s the schedule for next week, 9/14-9/20? :slight_smile:


Maybe they’ve finally decided to start QAing it before it goes out, what with the million issues with this weeks schedule.

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Why would they need to spend the money on QA when they have the forum to do it for them? Lol.

Anyone think we might get a Camp Cretaceous theme next week? Maybe that’s why it’s taking a while?


Looking like September should have had Dio instead of Gemini. I think that is a sauropod scent, though. However, I’m happy to take more tuojiang and Raja dna this week. I just need the coins

LMAO nice thinking, but i doubt that’s why it took a while to make this weeks calendar.

What are the creatures for the armor event strike? I NEED anky badly but idk what else

I have gotten Scuto from mine, so I know Scuto and Anky

Thanks, what are the rates aside from nodo?