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[Event Calendars] Jurassic World Alive | September 2020

Rares* I mean

I’ll look real quick. Give me a minute

Do you have an alliance?

Yes. I saw that you where recruiting though. I hope you find others who want to join

O, sorry, I was just wondering, since we only have a few high level players

The rares are Ankylocodon, Nodo, and Elasomo. Commons are Anky Gen 2, Scolo, Bronto, and Euochepholus. There is also Carbonemys

Its fine. You are trying to build up your alliance. Nothing wrong with asking

diorag dna can’t hide for long

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Okay, I really need anky and somewhat carbonemys, not too thrilled about scuto, but I’m sure it will get a hybrid, as will archops

Hoping that they get good hybrids myself

In my team I personally am working towards tenontorex, I’m missing a fierce creature and even though it’s not 100% fierce, it’s better than dracoceratops

Ok. I am working to get mine to 24, that way I don’t have to work about crits when in the Mortem Raid. Its a very strong dino, slow though. Its good for Smilo raids in a pinch

I’m close to touramoloch, diorajasaur, and erlikospyx, maybe quetzorion and to some extent gemenititan

Another reason I’d like to have it, speaking of, what’s your friend tag so I could do smilo raids with you

Cheeseking 7496. I have a friend that has very high level dinos

Ok, mine is Philosoraptor, I dont wanna spend coins on changing it anytime soon tho.

Ok. Do you know the number or no?

With scuto being arena exclusive, I welcome it 100%

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Hope we can at least do smilo raids

Likely. Ill tell my Alliance. You could do Thor for the raids