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[Event Calendars] Jurassic World Alive | September 2020

If you have a Sino nearby we could do a raid now

Its unboosted, I spent all my boosts on tryko, but I can go thor

I got school now sorry

for commons im going for lythro, at least its super hybrid is decent, the other two have nothing going for them.

Ok. Tryko might work, but those minions need to be eliminated, so thor would be a better option. Hope you have a good day at school!

True. I might dart him, but I’m gonna worry more about coins for now

Thanks, I think that’s why thor would be good, its unboosted. but does anyone u know have a touramoloch for raids?

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I have a touramoloch. Our strategy is Para Tryo Ardent and Thor however, and it works well. Just make sure to use the Group Shattering Impact first. Just keep swapping impacts over and over, but make sure that your GSI is ready when the minions revive

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K, will do

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Alright. I think we should be able to get you some smilo dna Thursday then

Nice. Would I have to worry about distractions from minion tho???

Tryo uses Ready to Crush, so no. I gtg to school myself. Bye!

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Ok, I though you meant tryko for a second, and paramoloch? I never heard of it being used for raids

It has Instant Group Shield, Group Cleansing Strike, and Lesser Group Healing

Makes sense

Looks like this week will be a good one. Miasaura, tenonto, meiolania, and Para will be nice. The concave incubator is meh, we had one a month ago with Titanoboa, but is free coins and dna. Overall a pretty good, dare I say great week.

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Definitely focusing on tenonto and mia, just because i have enough edmonto, but ourano would be nice instead of scaphotator, which is in DIRE need of a hybrid, i think i just may get tenontorex this week!

Scapotator is a superhybrid, so no hybrid for it

I wish I could find Blue I have Delta echo and charile but no Blue does anyone know when the next Blue event going to be?

I have blue. If you wish, you can join my alliance.