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[Event Calendars] Jurassic World Alive | September 2020

What your alliance? I can remove my to join yours

Its a weird name, but Cheesedominuscrusher Rex. We left our old one to create a new and more active alliance. As long as you are active at least one a week, and have decent dinos( I can talk to the leader about that) then you can join. Also, what level are you, as you have to be 13 to get blue in the sanctuary.

I have a lot of dinos

Ok. I will send my name and number. It is Cheeseking 7496

Sent you a friend requset

Alright. Had to feed my chickens

I sent you an invite to the alliance. Just try to donate, request, and no profanity

Did it! Thanks for letting me Join the club, I try to be active a lot but I’m busy part of the time.

Ok. I will tell the leader. Just let us know if you can’t get on for a while, like a vacation, moving, just if you can’t be on for a few days.

Hi guys! We’re glad that you two managed to connect via this thread but if you could take this conversation to a recruitment thread or to PMs just so the thread stays on topic that would be great!

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wonder what new week is

That was the last post. Sorry about that

Nasuto would be great on next weeks calendar

I’m guessing you are trying to create Testacornibus? Nothing wrong, just a guess, as that is Nasuto’s unique hybrid. Or do you just want the unlock?

Yeah got Testa, Entelolania and Monolo left to unlock. Should get Mono at the end of the season. Grinding Nasuto to get Carboto to level 20 gonna take ages :sweat_smile:

I see. Ill grind for him eventually, but I like Smilonemys more myself.

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Yeah my Smilo is at 24 and I could get him to 25 but I’m still not sure about him. He’s in my battle team for the moment but only just

He is fun to pull out. Just wish SI-S was 100%. Not SI-SS, just Stun.

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can use some entelodon

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Ive found a few of them around my part of Texas.