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Event Calender Aug 3rd - 9th


I only need Argentino, Brachi, and some Diplo

Depending on how close I am to Dilorach after tomorrow I’m proly gonna get Ourano

I pray that they don’t try to shove us full of maxima ingredients

Trash again

I really wish they would add just a few more strike events to the calander… :weary:

Rubbish week nothing worth going for .

Next thing you know MAX WEEK:
maxima, ardonto, argentino, secodont, brachio

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cool. an event with both event exclusive sauropod ingredients. who do i go for?

You know that they are giving us the most OP dna right now? It’s Ardentismaxima’s week (once again!)… Seriously, they really want EVERYBODY to have one at level 30!!


Finaly sauropodweek, i have been waiting to long for this.
Common brontotherium, apatosaurus second choice. It seems i can never have enough of it for my nodo line. Rare pure giraffatitan, since the update and the spawn changes she vanished out of exictence. I still need her for maxing my nodopotitan project. No idee what to dart for the epics. All are usefull to me. But i might go for ouranosaurus. No idee why.

I’m almost there too. Mines more than halfway to 28. They really are making it easy

My maxima is lvl 30 so trash week for me

Diplo and Ourano: Allow me to introduce myself