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cool! Dodo master. and haast on the weekend.
not a bad week tbh


Dodo is the only good thing. Rest is Sorta Meh-Bad

Dodo strike. Rest meh.

Dodo strike :+1:

Everything else :-1:

Love that they are introducing the new creatures

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Not too bad a week for many players. Nice to see Arctops making an appearance. I’ll be looking to dart some Epic Haast’s Eagle and Troodon this week.

I think most can agree the best thing about this week is the amazing and all powerful dodo


I think we can all agree to that! :grin:

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Yes the Dodo! Everything else… Actops, Raptor, Haast I’m going for.

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I need context on this… its amazing and beutiful… but I need some context

I don’t have one. It just came up on a google search for Dodo art.

I think it’s from Alice in Wonderland

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Tany… I’m going to farm this little dino for quetzorion.Rest…Arct for acro.and mostly eagly-mix of blue and haast. That dodo strike though.

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The Dodo from Alice in wonderland :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Makes sense looking at it now.

What?! No way, we already have the All-Powerful Dodo squawking her way into her dinos? Welp, I thought I’d have a break after the Dodo scratched my eyes out on April fool’s day, but I guess not.

I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE DODO! :facepunch::chicken::fire::poultry_leg:

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Well it’s ironic that the plumpy dodo has turned out to be fake

I just can’t wait to see someone using dodo in boss raids