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Event campaign

I really like the campaign, but for a lot of people it’s easy to complete and after they completed it they never touch it again.
So I’d like a special campaign that comes every week/month (if it comes every week it can be part of the weekly callendar). So every week/ month there’s a new campaign to play.
And to not make it to easy for the end-gamers the difficulty is decided by the chapter (of the original campaign) the player is currently in.

And If anyone says: but a campaign every week or month is too much work!
Ludia has the designs of the campaign, they got AI settled
And how do you think they make the weekly event incubator battles?
It shouldn’t be too hard.

So what do you think? Any extra ideas? Do you see any problems? I’d like to here it!


Sounds like a great idea

great idea to me