Event creature spawns


Can anyone help?

If different creatures spawn at night and the day does this also happen with event creatures? If so does anyone know what time gmt the spawns change?


You can find the Featured Creature(s) of the specific day at any time between the start (10 a.m.), and the end (9 a.m.). For example, if the Featured Creature was Nodosaurus, it would appear at parks at 10 a.m. and would be available to dart at any time until 9 a.m. Hopefully this helps.


Thanks matey, do they not change like normal creatures during the day and night? How long between spawns, I have a park around the corner I hit at 5pm, just wondering if it’s worth popping back as the wife is watching strictly lol


There aren’t exclusively nocturnal event dinosaurs. They’re the same day and night. The respawn rate is 1 hour for commons, 3 hours for rares, and 6 hours for epics. I would recommend checking the JWA Facebook page regularly to get updates on the Featured Creatures. Hit those parks as much as possible!