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Event creatures September 23-29

Please forgive me if this has been posted already. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m curious about the swap in theme for the strike towers.


I’m also curious. Maybe we will face Rat in some of them. I remember having to face one in strike towers before.

Ooooh. Blue Strike tower. I didn’t see that the first time. And I think Stegosaurid scent.


Is that Blue I see for the Epic Incubator? That’s awesome.


I read somewhere that it might be a Sauropod scent, but when I try to zoom in on the picture it looks like a big blob. Lol :sweat_smile:

I was really hopeful to see Carbo as event dino :frowning: very very disappointed.

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Hoping for Kapro, Dracorex, and Tenonto. Scent looks like Sauropod. Seems to have a long neck.

Events are becoming global spawns more and more

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Pretty sure it’s a Sauropod scent. These are the dinos in the strike towers:



No draco G1? :frowning:
At least there’s arambourgiana and diplo.
Was hoping for some tenonto too …

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It’s sad that the fans update the fans on next week’s event before Ludia does. I’ve been checking the event calendar thread all day.

Look at their twitter, they post it there first

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None of the dinos for the week of September 23-29 are of any use to me or my team.

Im kinda curious as to what kind of a team your planning to progress up that ladder with that doesnt include a rex, ankly, or sino hybrid…

Does not include an anky hybrid at all. Others it does include, however due to shortage of coin they will not be leveled any higher.

I was hoping for this too.

Very excited about the Arambourgiania DNA (badly needed), Pachycephalosaurus, and Diplodocus.

Seems like an okay week, could always use more Utahraptor & Sinoceratops DNA. Wish Tarbosaurus could come soon, I wanna start fusing Thor already.

Nothing this week of any real use to me but tests fine. Any DNA is good DNA.

The rares are garbage for older players guess I will dart utah even know we can see like 6 a day already. These rares already spawn a lot without events. The commons are meh I guess I’ll take raptor. All of the commons spawn a lot also.

So what I mean is the map won’t have any extra hype than what is already everyday.

Epics and towers are good. No complaints on them.

I’d like to see some Nasuto, Carbonemys, and Allo g2. A long with the other new creature ingredients. New!


Now almost every week the event dinos to dart are mostly garbage … Means same old dinos available in the wild. And each update introduce more event only dinos but not to be featured in events and to rub chili those new update introduce dinos are mostly needed for 2x hybrids as ingredients.

Typical getting Ludiaed by Ludia …