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Event Creatures September 30 - October 6


:thinking: Interesting…lol


Or not so interesting :rofl:


I think literally everyone only wants Tenonto, that’s it.


Yet again Ludia doesn’t put Dracorex Gen 1 in an event that it totally deserves to be in. Why?


Is that epic tower Carbonemys?

Ludia ain’t that nice…it’s gorgosuchus

Tenontosaurus & sinoceratops for me. Those commons aren’t even worth the gas money.

Yep, been looking for that critter all over parks, it’s so rare without scents…
Also, I heard that for the fleeing incubators, we somehow get Dracorex G2 (no fleeing capability) instead of Dracorex G1 (who actually has fleeing).

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I don’t know how I feel about this week. When it’s a slow week, I try to dart whatever I feel is the most helpful to the alliance. This week, some of the choices are clear, but others I’m not so sure. :woman_shrugging: I might dart Stygimoloch for the epic since this weekend I darted Sinoceratops.

Plus, I think I need to get my eyes checked, because the epic incubator looks like a giant blob to me. Lol :eyes::eyeglasses:

Happy cake day Phil! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Tenonto makes this week a cut above bad…But it seems Ludia is falling back into their comfort level of giving us sino… which is just meh to me… might as well give it another hybrid at this point.


why is the theme “re-spawn time” instead of stunning?

They badly need to fix the scents in parks. :disappointed_relieved:


I was thinking maybe they ment regen time… but yeah its a wierd name

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Naw, that’s Gorgosuchus.

Also, I am only gonna hunt for Tenonto, Triceratops and Stygi. Literally nobody else is interesting for me.

Hey thank you.

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They finally should bring the turtle…

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