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Event Dinos - All Choices at Every Drop


While it’s super awesome to get up to 60 attempts on common dinos, it can be pretty challenging to accomplish all in a 47 hour period if you want to work, sleep, eat, etc, particularly if you are targeting just one of the choices. I know I’ve spent so much time and gas trying to locate & dart 60 Velociraptors in that short time frame. Maybe it would be possible that all choices would be available at every green drop, but you can only select one to dart until the next cool down passes. That would help to save time, and the areas that aren’t as densely populated with green drops would have more opportunity at the dinos they prefer. I hope I explained that well and that Ludia could consider this a possibility for the future. Thanks for hearing me out :slight_smile:


I agree it would be helpful, I went all Sino for epics this week and it was still difficult to find her under supply drops.


I agree too. Today for example, I can see 5 green drops from my house, one being within 150m the others further out. Guess what, 4 of them are Indominus and the 5th one is too far for the dino to render.

So in my area I got no choice, i’m forced with Indominus unless I go out further.

Event spawns need more work Ludia.


I agree far i only got 3/5 utasinoraptor,the only thing i see is indom.but, i’m sure Ludia Will not approve this idea even though we need it