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Event dinos....Aug 19-25



Seriously? Three epic strikes, Darwinopterus (:heart::heart::heart:) and Spino Gen 2 (:heart:)?? Stygidarix and Erlikospyx, here I come!! :slight_smile:

Amazing week, I love it! :slight_smile:

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Scent looks like either dracorexian or hadrosaur

bary g2 is what I need

Is the epic tower Nodo?


I hope it’s a dracorex scent. Then this week’s almost everything I’ve ever wanted. Chances of grabbing more Argentino and Brachio, more Spino G2, and dracorex.

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yup. 101010

terrible week of attempt dinos imo, strikes are pretty good

I lost track about the dna we can get in the event incubators (high hp). Has someone a link for me? I know we got a theart or even a site about it.

Metahub? GamePress?

Please help a little dinohunter out.

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Brachi, Diplo, Edmonton and Ourano.


Some say terrible event dinos, but I smell a couple superhybrids in development. First we were getting lots of hadrosaurs, including Edmontoguanodon, and now we’re getting rare and epic hybrids without supers… Either they’re planning a bleeder nerf or they’re gonna introduce new hybrids.

Its a pretty good week with some luck i can start fusing vexus

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I just got vex last night and now Darwin is in the event lol. I was hoping for more Darwin but now I don’t know what to dart. Either more Darwin since it’s so hard to get or that spino for my erlikospyx.

Spino G2 unless you have 5k or more of it.

Darwin is a good 2nd option because sooner or later Stygidar and Pterovex will become meta relevant.

The other 2… as a means to get something. Spinotahsuchus is not bad. Dimodac might get a legendary or unique

For the two Unique compontent, Darwin & Spino G2, I don’t have the other components to make the Uniques but will dart both and just store the DNA away for later use.

The earlier week stuff, I’ll skip any Dimo’s and Scapho and take Sarco, Spino and the Sucho’s.

An all bleeder team is fun to play even though they are weak and I lose more than I win.

Well my erlikospyx is 25 and I’m needing spino but I typically see a few a week.

Darwin is only out on saturdays.

I just unlocked vex, it was the last dino I needed to complete my collection. I think I’m going for Darwin so I can level it up some.

Another easy mode week for me. Nothing that I really need. Probably will dart Darwin as Spino g2 is global spawn.

Same 101010