Event dinos for the next weeks


Hi everyon,

i have some dino suggestions for the nex week of events and the thematics also.

  1. Stunning: in this thematic could be dinos with stunning like triceratops, dracorex, ouranosaurus, einiosaurus, triceratops gen 2, etc.

  2. Inmune: dinos like dimetrodon, ornithomimus, secodontosaurus, ophiacodon, ankylocodon

  3. Instant stunning: like stygy, sinoceratops, i dont remember others , but that’s the idea

  4. Damage over time: like the family of spinosaurus

i hope soon ludia you can show us a event with ouranosaurus and sinoceratops


No more stuns?! Lol 202020


Sino and Ourano have both been in events recently. It’s possible they’ll repeat, but likely not soon. I need me some Anky and Raja.


Erlikosaurus is a must.


Your on to it we need more funky chicken! Erlilk for the win


I’m yet to even get any dna for spino gen 1 and 2


Spino is day and night spawn in my locale I think L4? The epic spawns in same locale. Try hunting in different areas I see about 4 spino a day the epic is fairly rare though Erlik on other hand just started spawning recently in the locale a suburb over (locale num not known) but extremely rare more rare than trex easily as it not a global spawn