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Event dinos next week apr 15

Well this is a disappointment. Let’s still have high hopes for the Anniversary of the game.


How many attempts at Para and Tentorex

Thought they will let us have some chicken for the Easter :man_shrugging:

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Common 18-1 legendary/unique

Ahhhh! That is why the 1/6! Well that blows chunks I was hoping for more! I was looking forward to creating a turamolich but I need 120 and will probably get 150 paramolich since I stink at darting and that will give me 3 shots at it and I guarantee I will get 10,10 10

Unfortunately, this is still the new schedule. As they stated there would be a few “whole weeks”.

We may see this for Xmas, St Patrick’s, Halloween, etc. The rest of the year will continue having gaps.

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No gaps. Thanks for listening Ludia. :smile:

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Going to be an awesome week of hunting and Strike towers. Thanks Ludia :blush:

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Eh, they’ve filled the week with dinos, but most are meh at best… Could always use the tenonto to level up my Tentorex… Just a weird combination of hadrosaurs I guess… My real question is the chest event that lasts all week, is this the good chest event that stick around and can be opened once an hour or the one you have search forever to open one and wait hours for another?

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Can anyone explain why these dinos fit Easter theme? Or just random?

It’s probably random :man_shrugging:

If I’m not mistaken… Hadrosaurs migrated together to their nesting grounds and would lay eggs together too. There are also many good finds of well preserved hadrosaur eggs and nests…
Just my thought on why they could be the Easter feature :man_shrugging:t4:

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The plus side is we get some nice strikes and good unique dna…

Then there is the fact that after having 1 day to dart 36 commons we now have 2 days to dart 18.


Ouranosaurus and Maiasaura getting no epic love.


It’s funny how most people are praising this event. If you take a closer look, it turns out that it’s an extra nerf to weekly events. Fewer attempts to rares and epics.

On the bright side, it will be a quiet easy week. No stress to complete attempts. Even when is safe to anticipate few green poles.


So you get dna from these treasure chests. Just got 100 Edmontosaurus.

Actually seems interesting event. Don’t know rules yet.

Restart game this helps explain a little. I think it’s 6 hour normal chest but with DNA.

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Facepalm. tencharacters


Nice, got 300 rare tenonto. So maybe we can get legendary or unique dna as well :thinking:

So once again Ludia promote something for us and once again takes it away!