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Event dinos next week [spoiler alert!]


More diplo is always welcome. May them never leave :grin:


Wow, is this for real? Three very useful epics


I’m torn between Diplo and Brachi.

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DIPLODOCUS! :heart_eyes::sauropod:

I’m starting to fuse for Geminititan, so I really need this DNA. I was able to dart a couple today (after getting the Gryposuchus DNA I needed to make the hybrid). I really hope that the flyers are the strike tower theme.


I’m unfortunately out of arambor, but I’m definitely going for diplod for that sweet sweet gemini DNA.

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Next week, I will either be making Diloracheirus, Argentismaxima or both. The Ourano will get me Dilo and between next months daily Brachi and the extra Argenti, I should have enough with some good fuse luck.

We are in the same boat. :grinning::sailboat:

Nice. Hope this is legit.

The rhino thing

Easy for me. All epics are good but Diplodocus being event exclusive wins every time.

I just got geminititan to level 23 today.

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Useful epics and argentino, but it’s the same event we had not that long ago. Still waiting for a bird event (we’ve only had scapo and Darwin). Need the dsunga to unlock the hybrid and tons of quetzal to get quatzerion to team level :roll_eyes:

Seems like they’re just rerolling old events. I mean this week is the first time purru is featured even tho purutaurus (or Perry as I like to call him) was introduced in 1.7

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Ooooh my goooooood!

This is so good. But jebuz, these epic saurapods are hard to dart! I’ve yet to reach past 100 DNA for Diplo cause of the jumping between the tail and the head.

Why? Why must it be so hard? :sob::sob::sob:

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Brachi for me, until we have a bird event I’m all out of quetzel and ambourg. But frustrated as needed bird week for a long time now. Might be a chill week until weekend

Tell me about it… My personal record for Diplo is 122… The tail-head-tail is BS

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Argentino and Brachi are on my hunting list.

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Again useless week.
Will dart Argetino that I can donate it and Diplo if it will get another hybrid.

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So sick of diplo dna over and over. I am not interested in any apato type dinosaur and we are getting lots of events and also daily dna ( 2 months in a row ! ).

I seriously think this is garbage

Mine is 233
Yes that’s annoying. Lol

Bronto, and Allo
Diplo and Ourano