Event Dino's not appearing


Anyone experiencing the new event dinosaurs not appearing where the event drop is? Since the last update it seems to be hit and miss whether they appear at my local drops or not after the reset (about 3pm here in the UK).


I’m in the UK too, and the time difference is hugely annoying. I have very few event drops in my area, and the number which have no dinos under them (before I’ve darted anything) is hugely frustrating!


It really is annoying. Most days I would finish work, cycle to the event drop location and wait for 3pm. The drop and event dino would appear and away i go. But now they don’t seem to appear under the event drop.

I’m about to go out shortly once my phone finishes charging to see if it has appeared now.


I walk to and from the gym (about 4 miles total) 3 days a week, and I get them then (all 3 of them -__-)…but they’re technically still the previous day’s spawns. Gets hard to keep track sometimes.


3:15pm… has been every day


I’ve had them appear at 3pm. I’ve sat their waiting and watched them appear as clockwork. Unless the recent update changed it but the event drop appears at 3pm dead on still.

I went back this evening and both event drops near my work had an event dinosaur.


I’m given under the impression that Event drops run on a sort of timer. Not only is there a cooldown period between catching a creature and another respawning, but also for the time that creatures display under the Event Drops.

This works to stagger the cooldown times of Event Drops. For example, in a park with 10 Event Drops, 6 have dinosaurs available to dart and 4 have nothing. Instead of having to wait an hour or more (potentially) for all the depleted drops to respawn creatures, the “empty” Event drops supply creatures first before the depleted drops complete their cooldown. It’s annoying if you’re only hunting 1 creature out of a given available set, but it’s not so bad if you have multiple targets.

Best of luck and happy hunting.