Event Dinosaurs remaining visible after max. attempts


Hello everyone,

I really dislike the fact, as the title says, that event dinos are all over the place while you already finished your 1-5 tries a long time ago. I live in a decently big city, and every big city has a few parks, so for me those event spots are VERY common. So today for 20 hours after my one try I will see dozens and dozens of big red circles with a nice dino on it, while I know I already had my one try.

There is zero use in keeping the dinos visible and in return it distracts alot. In a big park near my city I cant even spot other epics / rares that spawn in the wild, because there are SO damn many event dinos that I already max. attempted…


It is annoying and it should be changed, unlike on some posts, I completely agree with you on this one.


To prove my point I attached an image of what exactly I mean.

Anyone else wanna share their opinion on this?


Take it as an additional visual cue to go around those green cube things and make some money.


I feel like it should still even after the max but it taunts me when I saw the indoraptor and I couldn’t do it


I agree with this. But damn, are that 6 event SD next the eachother? I have to drive 20 min to my closest park and there’s only one!


Then I probably shouldnt post you more pictures dude, haha. Its something like a bigger park for native german wildlife (deer, boar, etc…) but still next to a big city, not kidding you, it has roughly 100-150 event spawns overall.


What?! Didn’t even know that was possible! Those 6 spots already dropped my jaw! I really hope they will implement more event SD’s in small towns in the future


Ugh yeah love that slap in the face anytime you pass a park with events you have already completed. It’s like being at the 7th grab dance all over again. You can look but can’t touch :grinning::heart_eyes::sweat_smile:


Plus I have a supply stop on my house lol


Exactly! Thats a very good comparison, and I hate that feeling, haha.

Also a good comparison: the bank that put 10.000.000$ behind a glass wall in front of the building and you could grab it, if you get to it without firearms or explosives, obviously impossible… such a tease.