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Event dinosaurs


Maybe I missed a post on this subject but why does my game say I attempted 2 out of 18? I didn’t attempt any today and the event started today. I’m confused. Thanks for any explanation in advance.


Let me guess, you darted 2 other epics already today?


Hey testafoto, there’s a list of the featured dinos for this week on our Facebook page here:
If you had already collected some of the other dino’s DNA that was featured for today, it’d count towards the total attempts. I hope that cleared things up!
However, if you hadn’t made any attempts today, our team would be happy to investigate if you contacted them here at with your support key.


Wow. 999+ darts.


Thank you both. Now I understand. Makes total sense.


Yes, I like my darts. One of the few things I like to use my funds on. 140 is a joke.


Hey Ned
I got a serious problematic issue for me that I would really LOVE to get some much dire needed help with from you if I may please??


Ok so these dinos that are circled here are all the ones we (the community) & I (a player) were able to dart for the beginning of the week. And we could easily choose to dart any of these 3 dinos. This is correct cause I temper darting my fair amount of each of these 3 dinos.


Now yesterday I saw that I only had 6 chances at darting these 3 dinos as I figured the rotation would continue to go as like all the previous ones had come before this year and last year. BUT this time with one VERY BIG SUPER IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE. I live in Local 4 and where I work which is out of the state I live in and in the next state over, my work is in local 1 & I literally have to drive thru local 4, 3, 2, and finally on into local 1. But for the entirety of the days we were given to dart these 3 dinos, the ONLY DINO I EVER SAW EVER WAS this dino and nothing but this dino that is in this next picture (I’m terribly sorry but I’m terrible with trying to pronounce let alone try to spell this dinosaur’s name out correctly.)


Imma stop you right there. Take a look at this:


this guy that is showing up several times in the same area here. Why couldn’t I find the epic Ankylosaurus and Erlikosaurus that we’re supposedly going to be out that same time as this stegosaurus-like type of dinosaur??


Epic is now, Rare is over.


Thank you Jonus!!! I couldn’t find this for the life of me and was seriously and honestly betting that if I started my little unsure question/inquiry that I knew SOMEONE would be kind enough to post EXACTLY what I have been unable to find for the past 2 1/2 days straight. So thank you Jones! Honestly I was starting to feel like I might have accidentally missed out on darting that elusive epic Ankylosaurus and Erlikosaurus so that I can finally make the last 2 or 3 unique dinosaurs I have left to create in the whole game (NOT counting the new unique flyers! LOL).


Hey DarthSadeus2386, Tuojiangosaurus was featured by itself yesterday which is why it was the only one under the Event Supply Drop. However, you will have 18 new attempts for the Epic dinos that are featured from today till Saturday. I hope that cleared things up!

@Jonus had posted the schedule for this week’s featured dino, which is really useful as well.

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Yeah, I don’t get why that information isn’t communicated that well in the actual game. That image is from the Facebook page. As you can see on your image from the News tab it doesn’t even show the uniques coming this weekend, which is the whole point of this theme (green).

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