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Event drops empty of creatures

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Bug Description: No special event creatures at event drops.

Area is was found in: nature

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- open app
Step 2 - observe
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: all week

What type of device are you using: galaxy s7

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)
Cleared cache and rebooted last night, no positive result.
This was supposed to be a spectacular week, showcasing needed and desired creatures. I’ve darted next to nothing because the event drops are mostly empty and have been empty.

Aren’t the special event drops supposed to have the creatures? No, I haven’t darted them and left them empty, I’m aware of the respawn times.


Yeah seconded. Grinding to max special events is hard enough without dud spinners


Sorry to hear.
That’s how ludia works.


It’s been that way forever, unfortunately.

This is 15 minutes cooldown period. It’s not a bug.

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No creatures. Not taking about re-spinning the drop, which is the 15 minute cool down period.
Also not talking about re-spawn cool down (which is an hour, iirc).

Straight up no creatures under the special event drops. That’s what I’m saying.


Here is original post: [News] Jurassic World Alive | Special Events Rework

Here is screenshot from it where you see 15 minutes CD:

Today is Wednesday, so the respawn is 3 hours.

The 15 minutes you’re talking about is for spinning the supply drop.

None of which is relevant to my issue.

Had I caught a creature, it would take 3 hours before another will spawn. I didn’t catch any at those drops.

Had I spun the drop, it would be a different color and I’d need to wait 15 minutes before it will give my cool bling prizes…

Had I caught a dino there, it would be empty for 3 hours before another appears.

The issue is there were no, and are no creatures/DINOSAURS at the special event drops, they are empty, nada, zero, zilch, none. No dinosaurs there. Dinosaurs. None there.


If that’s the case, it really is a critical issue. If restarting the app/reinstalling doesn’t help contact support directly.

It happens a lot which is criminal given the drop in numbers


That’s where you are incorrect.

The only previously identified CRITICAL issue has been when we could actually spin the supply drops all night and day for unlimited coins. THAT was a critical issue that was quickly addressed.

This is what’s called a non-problem, likely written off as a PICNIC error.

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There are too many picnic issues right now, unfortunately…

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Hadn’t heard that phrase before :smile: :+1:

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So why I found dinos on previously empty drops on my way back after little over 15 minutes, while I was biking? I believe you are wrong here. Always been working like that to me. Would be critical issue if supply drop would be empty 6 hours after first epic spawn. Always saw that cooldown period and never was so long that you say, cause that’s impossible.

Yeah, a dino is there for 3 hours, it disappears, then there’s a 15 minute break with no dino at that drop, then after those 15 minutes, one appears, again lasting 3 hours. If your supply drop dino lasts longer than four hours, see a doctor immediately.

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I have been experiencing something similar. A lot of times the event dinos do not start the same time under every green drop (so an event starts at 4 o’clock where I live but I can still find empty green supply drops half an hour later or even an hour later) This can happen when having epic dinos under them so they can’t despawn within an hour :smiley: it is like a delay or something
Still have no clue how this works but it can seriously mess up my green drop hunting routine :smiley:

I usually sit on at least one green drop at work every day. If it’s a dino I want, I dart it right away. If it’s something I don’t want, I let it sit. Every time I let it sit undarted, when it’s time for it to despawn, there’s a cool down period (never timed it exactly) before a new dino appears. It’s normal. It’s just frustrating when you are out actively hunting and you hit a string that are all in their cool down period.

Looks like I called it.


But, that fifteen minute cool down period doesn’t explain what I experienced.

Seeing as how at least one person is ADAMANT that I simply don’t understand how this game works, and it is my first day playing, I’m done.

You’re right.
The fact that these drops sat until 10am with no spawns absolutely means I’m not sure how this game works. I didn’t dart anything on any of them.
This is where I work, I observed them all morning.

But, as someone that knows how this game works stated, what I experienced is impossible.

You win.

But you should cut me slack, it is my very first day playing.

This has been happening to me scince yesterday no dinos at the event drops within a 5 mile radius

Ludias response was refresh game

And check Internet connection lol :joy:

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