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Event drops

I live in a wonderful area as far as parks go. I have 6 parks within 30 miles and a nature preserve just a bit further that takea about 4 hours to walk the full trail, as someone with a dog who enjoys the outdoors its great… However, even surrounded by all that green in real life, in JWA I have very little green. Within that range and all tbose parks I only have access to around 8 event drops and obviously when theres a strike event its even less. I spent hours trying to get Galimimus DNA and over 2 days only found 16. How can I get parks designated as parks to rectify this?

You cant, has been horibad for months. Nothing is going to be done about it.

Hey Creative_Screen_name, the content provider for our game is responsible for locating each Event Supply Drop and Google is usually in charge of park designations. However, if in the future they can make adjustments, our team would be more than happy to look into including your area.

You’ll just need to contact our team here at with the following information:

  • The country the park/ green space is located in
  • City, town, or neighbourhood the park/ green space is located in
  • Longitude and Latitude coordinates of the park/ green space
  • Park/ green area name
  • Your support key

Thanks, Ill gather the required info and sent it in

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So i study at sabanci university in turkey and its pretty far away from the city. The school contains a lot of parks but there are no single jwa event drops. Ludia please give me event drops. Here i highlighted the park areas


It’s the same for everyone, there’s several threads on it on the forums already.

i know but this is not about the bug. the event drops didnt disappear. they just didnt exist the whole time. there were only once event drops and that was last week. before that there werent any and today they disappeared. and even when they were here these areas i highlighted werent green

Well the real problem is that the event drops are now getting thrown all over the map, like how recently some drops appeared within 150 meters of my house.

I feel like the amount of event drops on the map should be increased. It’s a real pain to go all over town looking for dinos we want during the week, which takes forever.

The distribution of current drops is spread too thin at times. Ideally I’d like to get most of my event dinos in 1 or 2 hours of walking, not driving to different places hoping things will be there.

On second thought, maybe just combine normal non-tower drops with event ones. There’s already tons of time when the green drops are empty so it wouldn’t be much difference in actual gameplay.

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It can be even worse when driving is not an option. I’m in a densely populated part of a significant sized city (about 250k people, with three different colleges within two miles of me and several grade schools) and yet sometimes I cannot see any trace of a single treasure chest, that I know must be somewhere on the map. No clue which direction to set out in, looking for at least one, and a couple of times getting down to less than half an hour before the chests expired before finally locating one.

Same thing has happened with strike towers. I’ve taken a bus to the mall downtown, fought maybe 3 of the 8 available battles, and tried to save the rest for later, after the daily “homework” reset and I needed more battles and incubators, only to return home and discover that particular strike tower isn’t on the map outside of that little zone downtown, at the mall.

(All of which is a bunch of BLAH BLAH BLAH to Ludia, since fixing it will not make me give them any money, which is all that matters to them. Sadly.)