Event Duration bug?


Has something gone wrong with the event? The first couple dinosaurs gave you 24 hours to catch them before the next one. Now it’s down to 12 hours. 12 hours doesn’t leave people with much chance to get them depending where in the world they are. If the event starts during the night and that person has work/school in the morning. There’s no chance they will grab them unless they are lucky enough to pass or work near a park.


Ludia is working on a bug that prevent normal dinos to spawn, while the event dinos are aviable.


Read the “Updates” category from time to time.
They did announce a 12 hour change there.


Looks like it’s less than 12 hours now as we are entering what should be the 12th hour and poof


the event has been finished?


If the event starts at 10am and runs only 12hrs now I should of had some time to collect… got out of work at 8pm when home and headed out to play/collect for the night and 9:30 I should have had 30 minutes to collect the event dinosaurs already gone how someone who works evenings supposed to play this game?


They realised too much people would get the epic dino so they reduced for 12 hours just the day he would spawn and gave the players no warning ingame, they had a bunch of us losing their time and money going to a park, extremely greedy and disrespectful


It got changed because certain players are literally surrounded by green zones so they couldn’t catch anything anymore but very random spawns and the event dinosaur.

Unlike everyone else who were able to play normally - but might miss out on an event dinosaur left and right due to the reduction in hours. Now i would understand you haven’t noticed the post come through as the forum is kind of messy if you dont apply a category.

They are changing it back to 24h with the addition of normal dinosaurs spawning again so this will be the final solution for everyone. Start looking for an update!


My husband and I went out at 9 last night when he got home from work and they were all gone already. We were pretty pissed. I especially was because I work right next to a park and got off at 4 but decided to wait for him lol. Neither of us even had yesterday’s dino.


I got a notification at midnight that special event dinosaurs were available. The timer suggests they will be available for 11 hours.
Pretty poor when its night for most of the time and pretty hard to get. People aren’t going to walk/drive around parks in the middle of the night.
It hasn’t taken into consideration different time zones which is disappointing.