Event format


I wonder if ludia are going to change this at some point because it’s a joke…

Of all the rares IMO erkilasaurus is the only one worth levelling up…
Out of 24 attempts I’ve had 2 at erki.

They need to swap it so at each special event supply drop, you can choose what you want.

If they’re going to have 3 or 4 dinos per day, they need to change it at some point.
I think what I suggested would help EVERY player and nobody could complain about it


Yes, most of us agree, hopefully they look at all our posts and comments on this because its pretty ridiculous lol


I think the idea is that it gives more people more opportunity to catch them rather than just 1 per day however I’d agree that especially when it was 4 different dinos with 48 total attempts it was really lame