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Event glitch

Anyone else have this issue? When I finish a battle for the event, win or lose my screen gets stuck on a blank event page. If I try to move over to the event page it will just automatically pull me back to a blank event page. It sometimes lets me open my party or the shop but it gets annoying because I usually have to restart the app to fix it. This has happened to me with almost any event recently.

Working of the latest update for iOS.

Hello Vperez02,
I am sorry you are having issues. If you have not already, can you contact our support team, including your support key and as many details as possible and they will be happy to assist you?

I have this issue too. It only fixes itself if I go to the roster screen and back to the event page. Otherwise it will constantly go to the event screen.

A lot of people have this issue. I’m surprised by the response given how long this problem has been around and how pervasive it is. Many in my guild avoid participating in events because they don’t want to deal with the constant blank screen.

The best thing to do, is to write to support. Include your support key, and as much details about the issue as possible (what event, what time your screen went blank, etc) The more data we have, the more likely our team can reproduce it and fix the issue.