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Event idea!

So hear me out. I know lots of us need or want specific creatures. So what if there was a “WANTED” themed event were these “wanted” creatures we could vote for or ludia could pick (I would prefer we choose but) the creatures that I think could be in it (and this is my opinion so let me know what would everyone want to see). This is also based on what I see people request. But I would like to see
• commons: Velociraptor, Dracorex g2, monolophosurs g2 and Tarbosaurus
• rares: Dimetroodon, Irriatator, T.Rex g2, Tenontosaurus, Argentinosaurus
•epics: T.Rex, Sinoceratops, Kentrosaurus, Diplodocus
•Legendarys: Pyrotator, Ardontosaurus, and Allosino
Again just my opinion. Let me know what you all would like to see and if what I choose was good!
Because there WANTED, WANTED, dead or alive.