Event is a great feature but was overhyped


Having a rotating spawn in parks is a really good idea however they could have started with an epic first given the hype. A lot of people seem confused about the whole concept at the moment, thinking that they will see more than just commons.

Starting with something iconic Like T-rex or Ankylosaurus would have made everyone happy and would have been a good way to kick it off.


Ppl are never bloody happy


And if they dropped triceratops gen 2 tomorrow after ankylosaurus we would see the same complaints…The event is a bonus, it’s not a requirement. I’m happy they do events as soon as the game launched. Plus we will get soon nodo, ankylosaurus and more. Can’t wait !


This week are the nodo, dilo and ankylo featured. They will probably come during the weekend when you actually have free time (would make sense to me) and not bother with work. Even a common dino which wasn’t available so far will be available!! I think its the headbut dino lol. This event is PERFECT especially for rural areas. The preservation forest here is HUGE and contains at least 20 green supply drops. Good luck!!


You’d see a lot fewer people complaining. Bottom line is they advertised this using an image of ankylo and people are slightly disappointed.

I think its a great feature but they did pick the most useless dino to start with. Just think they could have seen this coming. I personally have no objection to waiting a few days for the more interesting dinos.


Good point with saving the better ones for the weekend but I’d assume most people will go after work/before work tomorrow. I am in a rural area myself and agree that its brilliant although i get terrible signal lol, but that isn’t Ludia’s problem.


I’m actually enjoying getting the Gen 2 Triceratops as I hadn’t seen it before the event even though it is common.


Was super excited for this, and was a little disappointed it was only a trike. Dont get me wrong the event is great but when you live near a huge park you finish the event in less than three hours. If there had been a dinosaur to replace the trike, once you’ve surpassed the twelve attempts or have parks with different featured dinosaurs, it would have made the event better. Otherwise I love the idea and having supply drops above the event dinos was brilliant.


I think the confusipn comes from.their own screenshot/video where it shows an Epic Dinosaur being captured/spawning at the event supply drop

They should have made it more clear imo, as when people see an epic dino as the example for the event, thats what people are going to expect.

As in the title, great feature, just need to be clearer on what to expect


So beyond advertising with an epic dino which whatever no big deal I am glad it’s a pool of dinos however I will be very annoyed if the dino chosen each day will be random cause we will ever see commons
And yes I am annoyed the trike available is the stupid gen 2 it’s useless other common herbavores are better and it doesnt feed into a hybrid so literally the worst of the pool but hopefully the dino available gets better each day into the week


I am just happy it is a Dino I don’t have so I can get some easy experience. I am fine with it starting as a common. Gives me more time to level up before the epic shows.

I also feel a crappy starting Dino gives something to practice with and learn how the events will work.

Thank you Ludia for and awesome job.
Just please try not to get to greedy.
That is always what kills the fun for me in your games pushing me to quit.


My house is surrounded by 16 trikes, maybe too many.