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Event is lackluster so far


A Trike gen 2 isnt a special dinosaur, I thought the event was supposed to introduce a rare or new dinosaur for us to capture? I certainly hope this isnt what ive been waiting for, does it just vary from green stop to green stop or am i just hunting a common dino?


Been driving around my town and all i see is just gen 2 triceratops…


Same, i did however find a random Epic Anklysaur…that was cool, but not part of the event im sure


It gives 2x items and I got cash from one.


The extra supplies for watching a 30 second video i dont have a real issue with (other then its kinda annoying after 20 stops) but its the dinosaur itself im annoyed with. Is it nice to have? Sure, I just hope something rarer spawns tomorrow is all