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Event level glitch

I was going to play the Easter event when I encountered this a level 5 edmontosaurus


Thanks, Dinosaur_attack! I’ll notify our team.

What’s the bug here? I’m confused

Me too … what’s up?

I thought this was a case of edmonto having wrong moves or stats or lvl shown…
but I need help understanding the bug here…

Omg i didn’t even realise when i was doing it. It’s a rare at lvl 5, for those who are confused


Is it basically what you’re fighting? That’s the bug, too low leveled creatures?

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It should be a lvl 6, rares cannot go bellow that

Oh thanks, that clears my confusion

The edmontosaurus glitch happened again look at the picture below

I didn’t either, but I don’t think it’s a game-breaking problem, it’s just a Strike tower with an (unnaturally) under-level rare. Same thing happened with that Diplocaulus Gen 2 during the Debuff week. I really don’t see the big deal since those towers are easily beatable already.

(It could also be an early April Fool’s joke :upside_down_face:)

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It’s not that theres a problem like that, it thankfully affects basicly no one. The problem tho is it’s not suposed to happen and it shouldn’t so thats why it should be reported

Ludia be confused

Heck, I be confused

Yes, I too fail to understand edmontosaurus


XD he’s a confusing boi ok?

What am I missing? Looks fine to me.

Rare’s come out at lvl 6, and that one is a lvl 5. That’s what there saying. FYI there are other strike towers that have this but I cant remember it.

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Aha! Thanks. That hadn’t even crossed my mind.

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