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Event locked !?!?

Not sure why but my special event is locked anyone else having this issue

Yes I have the required hero

The game is MESSED UP it is still registering me as being on the regular explore screen and doesn’t even have the right name on the event…

Hi tony_poore. If restarting the game has no effect, would you mind emailing our team at so they can investigate? Please add your support key when you message them if possible.


Thanks I sent an email I just hope they cam figure it out before the timer is up and I miss the event. I know they are very busy and sometimes it takes a long time for them to respond. But either way thank you

And now the 2nd event is the same way


I’m getting the same thing. Can’t get into the Return Event.

My screen looks just like the ones pictured above, saying it’s a placeholder default Explore Event.

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Thanks im glad it is not just me… I hope they can get it fixed

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Same here. 250 gems were paid, but i cannot enter the Event

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Good point. I forgot that I paid the 250 gem entry fee.

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Send an email to support. The more they get for this issue might get it looked at sooner

Every member of my guild that has logged on today has the same issue. They have to be aware by now.

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Roger that

Greetings, Heroes! Please rest assured that our team is looking into this issue.

If you haven’t already, could you please email our team at with your support key? It’d really help our team out.

Thank you!

Thanks Ned

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Thanks for your assistance, email with Supportkey was sent.

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I sure hope that this Return Event is extended, since today has been a wash.

Seem this is a bug that are quite common

Any chance of this getting fixed before the event expires?

Under Explore - Special it says EXPLORE_EVENT_DEFAULT_TITLE; it shows [PLACEHOLDER]; it shows [EVENT_STAGE_LOCKED] right next to the FREE button. I payed 250 gems for an event I can’t play?