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Event matchmaking system

Finally have to agree with you @Orloch, with a difference. I think I’ll continue PvP for now, but only Battle and only enough to get the Quest Pass rewards. After another 10+ losing streak in the current ToM, and others before it, I’m out of that kind of PvP.

These guys need to junk the current Event matchmaking system and go to something resembling the Battle system which makes adjustments while we are playing. At this point I’m done keeping track of wins and loses and finding solace in the fact that I maybe average maybe a 45% win ratio, or used to.

I’m not going to sit playing a game that is supposed to be for enjoyment and go through yet another horrendous losing streak. That is plain upsetting. I’m not having that in my day.

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Lmfao. Now that I’ve lowered my trophies to 2500-2700, I’m seeing a lot of players sandbagging to stay below 2500.

It’ll take months though to defeat the current matchmaking system for events. I gotta say, those in the game who have been doing this for months are real pros.

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@Baladir I’m just glad I have all the toons so I don’t have to bother with pvp events anymore.

Guess I’ll collect the legendaries and silverhands once I can comfortably defeat max lvl bot parties.

Shame, because the events would have potential for addictive gameplay if organized properly.