Event not active?


Checked a couple parks in my area… nothing was around, several new supply drops but none of them green.


Go to Google maps and search for the word ‘park’. Tree icons will pop up but ESPECIALLY areas which are DARK green are in-game park areas. Any dark green area should have green supply drops, if not contact ludia &show pictures. I found a huge nature reserve (which, as seen in the picture below, is green ish colored in-game, easy to recognise) nearby and with this event it suddenly had an immense amount of supply drops, its incredible! They also stand on certain non-park locations but i guess you’ll have to be lucky to come across such supply drops.


contacted but didnt think of pictures, so hopefully general area helps


I see similar problem


There’s one hour of “downtime” between events where all the green Event drops revert back to standard, orange Supply Drops. This happens whenever there’s a transition between Common and Rare events, Rare and Epic events, etc.

Otherwise, double-check your connection and determine if the area is considered a park area or point of interest on Google Maps. Some areas that should be classified as parks in Google Maps do not appear as parks in-game, from what I’ve heard. That might change if the POIs are updated…but I’m not positive how that process works.