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Event Raid Bosses?

Now that we have raid bosses and you guys made amazing designs for an apex rex and hadro, I was thinking what if there were raid bosses for seasonal events? They dont necessarily have to be Apex (maybe unique or legendary or something) obviously so theyre easier to get during the seasonal event, but like maybe event skins of creatures like a pumpkin Indoraptor called Jack O’ Raptor or like a Erlikosaurus with a santa hat called Santa Claws, yknow? Maybe even a special event move? Might spice up seasonal events a little more


Now that raids are in, I would love to see them, however I think if they do that, you should unlock it, not just get 15 dna or something like that, and you could put it in a sanctuary, however any actions (food, play, interact) would not level up the sanctuary. However, the unlock would be only the first time. Say they did this for 3 weeks. The first week it would unlock, second week it would get 100 dna, and the 3rd 150 dna.


Here is the boss

( I couldn’t find the right silhouette)

This is the unlock version
Possible Design: Indoraptor with orange skin, black stripe along its side, and either black or yellow glowing eyes

Possible description: InGen’s 3rd attempt to weaponize the Indoraptor, this one likes to frighten its prey before leaping from the shadows. Its orange color helps it to blend in with autumn colors, and its favorite time to hunt is around dusk and dawn.


Santa Claws: image

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maybe not an indoraptor im thinking alloraptor…

That was what was given in the description, so that is what I created

ok fair enough but think about it,
indoraptor: image
alloraptor: image