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Event screen goes blank after completing a battle

The bug that happens when you complete a part of an event and then get rerouted back to main event page and it’s blank so you have to close app and restart has been around for awhile. My Guild leader first mentioned it months ago but they were on Android and I thought it was an operating system thing. But since the last update (not the most recent) my iOS is getting the same blank event page bug after finishing a battle.
Super annoying. Battles in events are already a grind… having to force close and wait for app to reload and get all the pops up again makes events almost unplayable. Fix please.

I found a shortcut some weeks ago. When this happens, when you are at the blank event screen, go to the Guild page by using guild tab, then go back to the event page, and event returns 90% of the time.

Still is a real pain, but not as bad as having to restart the game.

Pretty much any tab other than the center tab works to reset it. It’s been like that for months on my iPad, so it definitely wasn’t Android only before.
The oldest report I see on the forums for this bug is last October, so we’re rapidly approaching a year that players have had to put up with this.

I swapped around menus to all the different ones and it didn’t reset it. Closed app and restarted and hasn’t gone blank again yet actually got in a few battles back to back :crossed_fingers: it stays gone. I kinda think it’s when a Pop up tries to load and lags. In 4-5 updates ago patch notes we were told that Pop ups were only supposed to happen when starting app and they they fixed them popping up while already playing the event they are advertising. But that obviously wasn’t ever fixed properly…

Hello Blazenkks. I’m sorry for the trouble. If this keeps happening, would you mind contacting our support team at with your support key and any relevant info included? This will help them investigate this.


If it happens again, the work around requires you to switch TO the event tab. Basically, you switch to guild or character, then back to event. It should then load the event screen (I say “should”, but of course you shouldn’t have to do any of this). Only after the event screen loads can you switch to the adventure tab.

This bug has been particularly bad this weekend.

I’m pretty sure the more things on the event tab, the worse the bug is.

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It’s the pop ups trying to load but lag out that does it… it’s the same pop ups that lag out when starting the game that make the guild chat go blank…