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Event spawn theme: Cenezoic/Ice Age

Commons: Brontotherium, Phorusrachos

Rares: Megaloceras, Elasmotherium, Marsupial Lion, Kelenken, Entelodon

Epics: Mammoth, Woolly Rhino, Smilodon, Carbonemys

Lots of useful DNA here, and I would definitely be quite active if this were an event. Would anyone else like to see this happen?


All of that DNA is very useful to me. I would love an event like this👌

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Yes then we can finally get that rhino I have 500 monometradon dna and I wanna use it :joy:

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Yes please. Definitely needs to be a thing. There are enough creatures for it now too

When does this start? I sure could use the Mammoth and Rhino… :slight_smile: