Event spawns


I have a park about 30 sec walk from me and 3 event spots there but have noticed that it is the same epic there every time ( of course not the one I want ).
For this event are they no longer random , will the same dino spawn there every time. Anybody know?


You are just not lucky :sob: Try to find out other parks near you and see what’s there. This weekend is 5 featured epic dinos, so you have a chance on 7 to see the dino you want to catch:

  • Amargocefalo
  • Anchilosauro
  • Nodopatosauro
  • Sinoceratopo
  • Stegoceratopo
  • Empty green supply drop
  • Supply drop eaten by a strike event

Also, remember that the respawning time for epics is every 6 hour, so if you see a dino you don’t want to dart, it will take some time to reload, and yes it can be reloaded the same dino again and again…