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Event strike difficult level


This week we have 4 epic event strikes and thanks to Ludia for that! But as they were leaked, I feel little bit disappointed, all of them are very easy for top-levels. You don’t have to invent a strategy, think about which dino to take and doubt if you can complete it.

Last week brought a little bit challenge and I really liked it. But a lot of players weren’t able to pass it and they didn’t have any chance.

What if we had few difficult levels of event strikes which we could choose? The difference would be in dino’s level, number of dino that you’re allowed to lose (you might have to pass it with 1 death maximum or without ones) or AI would have some hp or attack buff.

For example there are 3 difficult levels: easy, normal, hard. And the harder it is, the more rewards you get. There might be additional scents or DNA of dino you fight against. But you can complete only one difficult level.

That would add more challenges to everybody and won’t leave low-levels without any chance to get rewards.


Probably one of the best ideas ive seen on the forums tbh, it would be great for both low level and high level players, we absolutely need this!


Go play arena if you want a challenge! strike events are for giving us epic DNA which is currently not spawning hardly at all without epic scent


Go for Arena if you want a challange… if you want fight Level 30’s try get Top 100 if you cant, then you already have a challange…


U know I‘m totally fine with it!


Arena is game of dodges, not a challenge. At low-level it’s about strategy, but since you get i-rex and indo, it’s not about skill, it’s all about luck.


Same as 3 lvl 30 Dino strike tower what are you even trying to say!? Plenty of challenge in arena the pve stuff is meant to be a way to play game and have fun not mimick every arena battle fighting uphill with little hope to win cause solid strategies get wrecked by 1 unlucky crit or stun not working


Crit and stun have their normal percentage. You count at 75% stun, you don’t count 5% crit, but everything happens, that’s ok. But you won’t go to a strike hoping that indo will dodge 3 times in a row.

But every arena battle is a dodge game. No matter which strategy you play, it all can be wrecked with just a bad luck. And it’s 70% of all arena battles.


Still Go Arena if you want some challange… or Stop complaining about…

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Honestly saying that “if you want a challenge, go play arena!!! XD” is not really true, first off, the arena is completely based on the RNG and on your team, no skill involved whatsoever.
Also i think that the idea was more focused on the flexibility of the strike towers, not on the challenge, imagine if you are a low lvl player that has no way to beat a x3 lvl 30 tower, you could beat it by turning down the difficulty, while getting less rewards.
Same for the high level players, a tower its too easy but has bad rewards? Higher the difficulty and you are done.
Pls stop saying that the arena its challenging, it triggers me so much.


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Maybe thats what you hoping for… at the end almost anyone getting less dna from it… if ludia would change towers that way, you have to defeat always 3 Level 30 2 get full reward… only top players would be able to do this… there wouldn’t be easy full reward towers anymore. So overall playerbase would get less dna… Start thinking about it… if this is really what you want. I understand what’s your point but the change would never be like it was meant by Community…


Well, lower level players now get less DNA and coins from event strikes. Cause incubator bases on player level and the lower your level the less you get.

Moreover, low-levels get less coins from SD, less DNA from a creature and less rewards from the tournament. It’s normal and nobody complains about it.


If ludia rly change towers… dont complain about it… it’s getting worse…


They do have a difficulty level.


I’ve yet to see them use the red expert one though.


I failed the triple 30 twice but was very stubborn and beat it on my third try. I’m glad for some easy epics this week but I would welcome another crazy hard one in the near future.

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If arena wasn’t challenging you wouldn’t be making excuses for lack of skill! yeah there’s rng but you can make a team that doesn’t rely on rng. Yeah there’s alot of cloak and dodge so put nullifies on your team etc.


Already explained you why the arena in this game is an abomination in another thread, but honestly, for a casual mobile game, it is fine.


last week was the perfect boss strike.
I hope Ludia keeps those coming (with appropriate rewards to reflect the difficulty)

And let’s not forget that there are silver and blue towers for incoming players as well.
With 6 difficulty levels, i think there’s an easy way to have a little something for everyone… including seasoned players looking to fight some high leveled dinos outside the same* 8 that are in every top 500 team


What alot of people seem to be missing is the op is asking for different difficulties of the same strike… which would add more options to the game and its something i have actually suggested a few months back.

A perfect example is like last weeks strike. With stygi blue indo… easy could be blue, medium would be stygi and blue and hard would be all three… if you look back at arena offers one of them i think its 3 or 4 its like half an epic incubator so they do exist in the code already. Half an epic incubator could be way more helpful to a newer player then multiple rare incubators.

It would give newer players a way to participate with weaker rewards and would still allow those seeking a challenge or better rewards the ability to do so…

I also feel its important that if they did something like this a strike could only be completed on one difficulty.

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