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Event supply drops AGAIN!

I didn’t see a topic posted in the recent so… Why does it seem EVERY TIME they have a great event like this the event supply drops are few and far between?! Went to 3 major parks in my area and like 3 drops each, barely any around town, and when I do find them they’re 90% a long neck… 2 hours going around and I’ve got 6 Irri. Sucks because I won’t be able to hunt much next two days… Why do they keep doing this?!


Ive got loads in every direction.


Think they are refering to the green special event drops. :wink:


Oh yeah for sure, can’t you see them all around me…

No? Me either :joy::joy::joy:


4 hours out going through 4 different towns, 4 parks, and got 12 Irri… This is ridiculous…

There will be more tommorrow… with the common spawns right under them.

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I know :disappointed: that’s why I went out searching today, optimistically hoping to find all 30…

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I got 15 today and from what eviction just said I better go out one more time today xD

And no they were not close to eachother it was hel*.

Yeah after today we will have common spawns as well as the rare and epics to this is the easiest day to get them on paper.

I’m now 21/30 lol. I did just go back out for a bit. Got lucky that most were irri.

I only got one Irritator. All the rest were either long necks or Carnotaurus

Irritator was definitely a challenge today. I will be honest that I get a bit worried when the rare creatures overlap with the commons. The last time this happened, the rares (especially a specific rare) become harder to find. The good news is that I finally got Pyrritator to level 20 from level 17.

Maxing irri was never going to be easy, totally agree with that. Saying this next bit in the most encouraging of ways, save yourself time posting about that until you reach 30/30 attempts. I looked for 2 hours today, which is much more than I can bring myself to hunt lately, and got to 14/30 attempts. Get them done and get them done ASAP. Good luck.

Yep I’m at 21/30 all irri. Let me tell you it was not EASY! Hard as heck 3 hunts in one day hours for each.