Event Supply Drops shouldn't give Darts at maximum storage


Hello everyone,

suggestion: I think everyone in higher levels can agree that the gold cost for upgrading is so high that you either have to farm hundreds of drops for 1 or 2 level ups or you are pretty much forced to buy Cash to get the 250.000 Gold package if you want to pass the semi-paywall.

One thing that could at least make it a little little bit fairer would be that Supply Drops dont give darts if you are already at 140/maximum and instead only gives gold. I literally get hundreds of darts that are simply gone because im already at the limit while at the same time I have so little gold all the time without buying it.


Agree. This has been a huge issue with me, after levelling my velo to 16. I’m slowly getting to 5000 coin. Sure, the incubs are a big boost, but the coins from drops are where the money comes from in between.

I don’t tend to hit any dinos I don’t need DNA from, so extra darts that I can’t add just serve as an annoyance. And the respins on some - when you click “watch” to respin, most of the ads are either broken or freeze you out of the game. I don’t really like having to restart the game every few drops.

It wouldn’t take much to fix the issue of drops giving only coin when you are at max. dartage.

The same applies for the ads to watch for respins. Fix them, or find ones that don’t crash or freeze the app.


They should let us be able to increase maxi darts we can cary. For vip or buyable +50 max darts for example. Also fix the unlimited dart bug.