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Event Supply Drops

This week has been abysmal for green supply drops in my circle.

That is the only epic. That location was the only rare. There were no commons in my circle this week.

Frankly this is another failure on ludia. Your distribution is trash and has been for a while.

Put this on the list of things to fix. In the meantime help me figure out how to cancel VIP. It doesn’t show in subscriptions on my iPhone.

Thank goodness there are 6! Opportunities for me to the worst scent strike in the history of scent strikes.

Also. as you can see. 0 miragaia. So what happened. Where did they all go? Lol


Again. 0 event drops. Please work on this distribution.

You know what’s interesting… I’m sure thousands apon thousands of players have brought this to their attention… They claim to be working on it but it seems to not be true… because it keeps happening…I as well have no event drops but at this point I don’t care anymore… it’s Ludia… expect nothing!


Its weird because I thought my expectations were at 0, but each week for last 3 weeks I’ve had 1 or fewer green drops during commons. And each time I find myself annoyed.


Not to mention that even though they aren’t doing 2 sets of strike events a day, they still aren’t rotating supply drops or strikes daily. Meaning if its not in the circle you have to venture out to find it.

In this time when Ludia is trying to make it easier to play at home, they’re actually just making it harder.


I totally agree… it’s a shame… what will hurt more is… they can’t even get this right…when they do finally release the update and people see there are still bugs and the same problems I wonder what they will say then… with Ludia I just expect nothing and will be surprised if and when they fix something