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Event too short


I think its great the way the fury’s event now work but 3 days is too short for getting enough trust. On the toothless event i mannaged to get 500+ but because it lasted a week and since you need multiple fury’s to level up to 3* and above i think it would be great to have them last longer.

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Short events = more events in the same amount of time? You’re not losing trust points.

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with my curent Power(-2500) and without spending runes i Can manage to get around 35 to 70 Trust a day, depending on how I manage to use the 12h cd reset. so this makes 10 to 5 Events for unlocking. in my opinion 2 to 3 Events should be enough depending on how often a Event takes Place.

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The event is half the time, but timer has also been cut in half


The event is basically the same as it was last time. Sure it’s only 3 and a half days, but the cooldown to reset is only 12 hours instead of 24 hours. So…it’s not really any different. I prefer it this way, frees up more time in the month to do more events.

I do NOT appreciate the huge nerf to fish rewards for the events though…not at all.


Can’t have everything. Less energy cost means you have more energy to spend on other things, so it kinda balances out.