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Event tower strike nonsense


There is something wrong. And I don’t talk about removing tenon (already discussed) from event dinos but when you changed towers as well there is something really odd :

The epic incubator (advanced difficulty) became a normal incubator with expert difficulty!! So way less reward with more difficulty? :thinking:

Either you picked the wrong incubator and it is still an epic one (we want this one) or if it’s not an epic incubator it shouldn’t be an expert difficulty to get it…


I just made the rare one and i recieved sone fast dinos. :sweat_smile:


Oh and while I am at it, why when you remove tenon day you couldn’t at least use the Wednesday for other attempts to let us more time ?
This way everyone could organize their sessions easily according to their planning…


As intented. On the Incubator were claws shown stealing some eggs. So this incubator contains dna from dinsoaurs which are stealing eggs for food as announced here: [News] Jurassic World Alive | Spring Week (2019)

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They removed it to prevent unbalancing of Battle matchmaking


I think the correct phrase you are looking for is “to prevent the already horrendously unbalanced matchmaker being pushed off the edge of the cliff”


They removed it just to see how many topics could be made.

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I think it’s good to keep uniques out of events. Many worked very hard to get special Pokemon in Pokemon Go, then they just started handing them out to everyone without making THEM work for them. It ruined the game because why should you work hard on a game to add hard to get critters when they’re just going to hand it to everyone.


I agree with what you are saying but One attempt is really fine though as you can’t unlock it in one shot. The 5 attempts was insane and totally caused the balance to derail.

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