Event Try Amounts - Just a thought


Just a thought on the amounts of tries you get per event. Why not do the special Epic or rare ones during the week, and the larger 60 try ones, on the weekend, when people have more time to get out and play? 2 days for 60 tries on a field of disappearing Green Event Supply Drops is painful. Even for those who are active or have many local parks.

Just a thought…


While I agree that it sounds logically to give most attempts on the weekend when people are more likely to be playing, I can also see the same argument for putting the epics on the weekend - when people are playing! The commons at the beginning of the week, and even some of the rares are pretty meh lately.

Dreamworld would be to give us 60 on the trex :laughing: but that’ll never happen


Or they could simply split it up. Do the Epics on a Saturday, then start the 60 try event on a Sunday.


Just because they give you a billion attempts doesn’t mean you need to complete a billion attempts.
If they let’s say cut the amount by 80% less complaining right?

Other than that I think it makes complete sense for the commons to be placed in the weekends. The only downside is the current system of “New event week Monday Lowest to highest rarity.

Another solution may be to allow ‘Common Event Supply Drops’ to spawn let’s say three random commons at each site. This helps out players who only have one or two Event Drops in their area.