Event Week 7/30




6/6 split between oranosaurus and mono.


@carlsberglewis i think spinotahraptor will be by itself on sunday, as per metahub’s announcement… so if that is the case, there will be 9 chances between seco/ourano/mono :slight_smile:


is it still the first 3 are Monday - Wednesday, second 3 are Thursday - Saturday and the last one is Sunday?


Aside from Ophie and Ouran, I’m not sure if I wanna aim for Spinotahraptor. I’d like to use him and Suchotator, but I have no clue how.
I could use my RareSpino fine though :sob:


@CleverBoy monday/tuesday will be the first 2, wednesday will have giraffatitan, thurs-sat will have seco/ourano/mono and sunday is spino


I really want that monomimus :heart_eyes: I may be going all for that monolophosaurus. Ouranosaurus spawns very frequently in my area, and I already got enough for my diloranosaurus.

Secodontasarus are starting to spawn all over the place as well. Since they are rather limited in the hybrid department, I will probably have to pass.

Last night at the beach, two monolophosaurus spawned right next to each other lol. Starting to rethink about the respawn rates now.


Great Event Dinos! :+1:


So Monostegotops > Diloranosaurus in the current meta, yeah?


Nice, I’ve been wanting to try Spinotahraptor out in the arena but he’s just a level or two below my comfort zone for arena 7.


Hard to decide what to go for in the end.
I really want a Dilouranosaurus. She is such a thick cutie.
I need her.

Monostegoceratops on the other hand just goes further down the mutated weirdo line.


Hmm…the more I think about it, I’ll likely split my tries between Monolophosaurus and Ouranosaurus as well.

I’m 50 DNA shy of unlocking the Mono, and my Ourano is only level 12, so giving those two creatures a boost should help me out in the long-run, I think.

Also planning on getting all Ophiacodon DNA today and tomorrow–I’d love to get my Ankylocodon up to level 10 or 11 by the end of the week. :grin:


My schedule:
-5 Giraffatitan
-9 Monolophosaurus
-3 Spinotahraptor

Not many choices this week but the epic one is amazing. If you know what you want, you get NINE epics! Whoa. I don’t particularly like any of those three epics but I’m in desperate need of Monolophosaurus for hybrids :heart_eyes:


There goes my cookie budget for the week!