Event Week 8/13


Using Trusted Sources, we have our Debuff Week.

Quite a few of these dinos can be used for fusions, so that’s a nice little grab! Thing is…Stegos are my pigeons :laughing:


Stegosaurus is really important yeah, but otherwise I only like kentro and koola epic.


Not just Stego, but also Diplo, Pinkie (it’s pink, don’t ask me to spell its name), and Kentro.


Tuojiangosaurus and diplo can be used to yeah. But there is no “wauw factor” this week atleast.


I like it because the choice will be easy : stego, tuojiang and kentro. No hard choice like some past events :sweat_smile: I could almost skip stego this time…but I guess we never have too many DNA


Diplos and Stegos are two of the main two dinosaurs that appears EVERYWHERE near me. Iguanodon is the third. I have a lot of excess Mono gen 2 DNA as well. And I constantly get Proceratosaurus in incubators, and Koolasuchus Gen 2 is another common rare for me.

I’ll go for Kentro and Tuojiango, but that’s about it.


Same. I get so many “pigeons” it’s insane. Allos are another headache for me (now if Sinoceras would appear more, I’d be good :laughing:).


100% agree… other than those 2 it’s trash. I have piles of those dinos around. Wish we could get more Paras.


Collect those stegos you never know when they’ll do an update and you’ll never see them again :joy:


I have over 10,000 stego DNA. But I can collect more just in case there is a sequel.


As far as Rares go, I’m thinking I’ll try for mostly Tuojiang and a few Wuerho–at least until I can get Wuerho up to level 10 (only 2 levels to go).

I have yet to unlock the epic Koolasuchus…so I’ll probably try to unlock that before sinking my last few attempts into Kentrosaurus. I’m nowhere near creating that Ankyntrosaurus hybrid, so I’m not too fussed either way.


I am rather disappointed by this week. Everything on the page is fairly common if not uber common around me.


Need Kentro the most…need 5 to create and more to make viable… :slight_smile:


Very dissapointed! This week bad for me only two of those Dino’s fuseable and most of this trash spawns in my locale anyway. Thought this Dino week thing was about giving out some of the rarer Dino’s!?!


So just go for the two you want. Lol, consider it a good thing it’s another slow week; you can rest!