Event Week 8/27


Gimme that beautiful RareDilo :heart:
But now a question: when are the Spinosaurs gonna get love? Pretty sure Sucho and Bary and both Spino gens could use some attention.


Well…just think those amphibians (Koola & Diplo) are too often appear in event attempt.:thinking:

I mean… didn’t they showed up 2 weeks before?
If these amphibians could displaced by other creatures, I’ll be thankful.


gallimimus, dilo gen 1, monolophosaurus. rest… couldn’t care less


@CleverBoy <= what they said


I want also Rajasaur, I never see it in the wild :frowning:


I think it’s a nullify theme this week, which would explain their return.


I think there’s a very good reason why it’s not in events :laughing:
And people think Irex is overpowered.


no rajasaur is not OP counter attack dinosaur are slow, and have low life, before you could use shield the enemy has already halfed the life of your dino so in mani occasion it’s useless


Look at what I highlighted. 60% crit chance for 3 turns, and it affects the counter attack. I know, I faced a few.


Still, Rajasaurus isn’t OP itself.

Because that hybrid, Rajakylosaurus keep this special high critical move, along with invisibility shield & high % armor.
That means…yes, Rajakylo is a critical counter-attack monster.:t_rex:


yeah the raja hydrids are good because have alot more defenses but raja can be easily countered, I have it lvl 12 and I tried it alot so I know what I mean


I still like to joke that it is XD


I’ve got several thousands of their DNA even without going after a single one during any event. They should be renamed into Spamophipian 1-4


Should be an interesting to collect all 48 gallimimus. If I can pull it off I should have monomimus (been siting on my mono dna waiting for this)

I’m even tempted to go for the “Cunning Creatures” incubator, since I’m mostly interested in gallimimus and dilophosaurus and have a pretty good chance of a good score.


I had 7 DNA of Gallimimus. And more than 3000 of Gen 2 Dilophosaurus -.-