Event Week 9/3



assuming this is about stegodeus. reeks of what they did with pyroraptor. have a bunch of incubators for sale of a very OP dino. then nerf it to death and say thanks for the coins.


I thought this too, everyone’s gonna be sitting with useless level 26 stegodeous next week


We don’t know what is going to happen after but for now it makes player in top 100 so…


Im just glad my stegod is already 100dna from 26 :joy: no need to buy incubators for this guy when he spawns more than anything


We don’t know. Even in the worst case scenario where it’s nerfed badly (I don’t think so but one can dream) it already pulled its weight allowing a lot of players to climb through the top of this tournament.

Job already done.


Please don’t.


We better get like 4 or 5 days for those epics with like 12 attempts because this is getting dumb


Doubt I’d have one that strong.


Actually, are Stegodeus and Stegocera that similar?


Both use Stegosaurus, and are the best tanks in this game.


Guess my poor Majundasuchas is gonna get replaced.
(I actually had no clue what to do for an 8th slot; happens with my 6th slot in Pokemon too when the rest of the team can do everything. But having a third Counter-Attack has helped.)


I love my lv27 Majunda, cuz I spent 2 hours almost every night darting outside to raise her.:t_rex:
Still in my team, and used to counter those I-rex.

(Yup, also love my lv26 Stegodeus)


Guess I’m a very screwed Lv10 :laughing:


Aha you’re easy to recognize with your level 27 majunda :star_struck:


I’ve seldom seem any other over leveled Majunda.:rofl:
Might be no more than 5 times after entered arena 7.
So if you see this kid, should over 50% chance be mine.


I only battled you with a majunda if I remember correctly :thinking:


I’ve been torn between massively over leveling more common hybrids and trying to get fancy rarer ones, and you might have just tipped the scales for me… :thinking: