Event Week of 9/10


…Raptors and Speedsters again?

Um, can we get something different? Like the Spinosaurs, or maybe the Long Necks? Maybe Majus?


Or raja :sweat_smile: I’m sick of these raptors


So very disappointed. There are a number of dinos I need, and none of them are here. Because I just caught what I needed when they had the exact same event a couple weeks back. -__-


Agreed. I mean, I won’t mind picking up extra Vraptor and Pyro dna just to build…and Gallomimus now that I think of it…but this is just bad.


I’m happy to get more Gallimimus. Though only goes so far without Monolophosarus. I’m sure Ludia know which dino’s we want can’t understand why they don’t put them against each other so we have to choose. Instead of 1 obvious Dino.

On the plus side looks like strike battle week became a 2nd week. You all can repeat that much as you like.


I honestly don’t care if I get it or not, I know none of those hybrids I’ll be getting right away (though I want that Allosino, dunno why, I just do).

But what they should do is release Brachio. It’s the only dino missing from my DinoDex!


I can understand why they are doing this. If there is not wait in having some kind of dinos, they won’t have profit with people buying incubatoris. I am happy they keep the weekly event (and not changing its format, as we know what happened to treasure chest), not so happy for 48 attempts on two days, with the lack of green supply drops and not knowing if those few are converted into strike event… But I can collect lots of velo / gallimimo / tanicolagreo. At least, except deinocheiro, I will catch all the dna from the dinos I will see. Then, three days not having a hurry and this is also ok, all of us have our own lives, not having time to run for dinos all the days, all the weeks.
So let’s see this as a chill week, get prepared for the next, hopefully it will be great as the previous one! :star_struck:


I’m more annoyed that yet again they’ve replaced one of only two event stops near me with a strike event. Haven’t even seen a Galli. Just Deino and Tany.