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Please baryonix event! I need the tryostronix hibrid!


Tryostronix is probably one of my favorite hybrids to use in the arena. Barry is a global anytime epic so you have a pretty decent chance of bumping into one just roaming around town. Which of the 5 legendaries did you go for in the event 2 weeks ago ?

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If I see a Bary it’s always at night time. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I used to see more bary, but lately not so much. My tryo has been patiently waiting on me for awhile at 27. Night time is key?

I remember that event but I did not capture the tryostronix. I spent my attempts on a dinosaur that was closer to get but now I need the Baryonix

I don’t blame you … I wouldn’t have either. I was just curious.


I see lots of them even during the day. I would prefer an event with hard to obtain dinos as at least options. I do like Tryos even though I had to cut him recently.