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Events 25Mar - 31Mar

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Credit: Vladimir Sergeev on Facebook JWA group

Added the final tower for Sunday:
Below 3 dinos plus Lvl30 Velociraptor:


Looks like Scolosaurus is finally making an appearance!!
Hope we can get enough to unlock Skoola combining the Tournament rewards!!


looking forward to next week

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Woohoo! Can’t wait :slight_smile:

I already don’t know on which dino I’ll focus my darts on Friday/Saturday and Sunday

Anky for my road to Triko or Sino on my road to Thor ?

I also haven’t Monostego and Stego will help me on this way …

Hard choice

The raptors again my worst enemy apart of the lvl 30’s
Prepare the tanks


Yess Anky will be mine…:heart_eyes:

That tells me its fast week for incubators next week


I guess I’ll go for stegocera again after a long time, cause we get anky every day, sino every week, but triceratops is basically a unicorn now

So these cheaters who can travel to future weeks are still not banned. Why so?

Ludia! Answer this!

They are not cheaters only data miners. Big difference :grinning: they don’t gain any advantage only help us


Wait… I got it: they’re either working for Ludia, or:

They can timetravel so they time travel ‘out’ the ban…

The latter is less believable

I love the info leaks.let em cheat they will be way above us any way.

go full anky

I’m going full Scolo and Anky.

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I believe Russians are simply a few time zone ahead of us. And from there, if they play with the clock on their phone, they get monday’s news ahead of us.

Times of events are fixed, so they start same time for everyone. Only local times are different.

Lol… The place that is most ahead in time are in American Samoa, few New Zealand islands which are around 18hrs ahead of US EST.

Guess these people use client side softwares to change date, time so they can see what is there in existing code.

Nah fam, they’re Russians