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Events Aug 26 - Sept 01 Gryposuchus Components

The main feature for the week is the Gryposuchus components.

This is one of the longer term goals of mine to get and this week might get me that much closer, if not enough to actually do some fuses on it.
They got Diploducus if you need more for Geminititan but no other components.
I can use the rare Purussaurus for Purutaurus which is for Carnotarkus, a really good Legendary.

So decent week.


very decent

extremely hard time choosing Diplodo or Grypo. Im working towards Gemini, but i could also give Grypo another level. So i is stumped lol


When it came to difficult decisions, I always went with the Arena locked choice first. Diplo is tournament locked, so it is less of a difficult decision.

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I really want that Diplodocus DNA, but I think I am going to go for Gryposuchus. My next goal is to make Grypolyth (140/250).

For the rares, it will be Purussaurus for sure.

I need all 3 because those are the 3 uniques I don’t have lol

I’m sitting here watching TV hitting the fuse button on Purrolyth over and over and over. Just got it to 17 and 508 available fuses to go.


Wrong ingredient, is Lythornax not Tarbosaurus

Opps. I’ll fix that.

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Wow those epics though. Yikes. Guess I’m doing diplodocus as it’s event restricted. They’re all legit though.

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Awesome week love it, the thing is now what epic to dart on weekend :thinking: im probably go 50-50 on grypo and darwin

It is a good week. Have to go grypo here. Even know diplod is the best choice easily. I’m close to unlocking gryp so it’s time. One of the few a long with gemini that I don’t have.

But I’m still thinking about the missed grypo alliance rewards. And looking at this like: These epics should of came with 12 chances.

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Looks to me like they are trying to make up for the alliance mess up with Grypo and Purru.

But that would mean … they DO listen :scream:

Purrussaurus and Diplodocus for me.

Probably coincidence.

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nvm, diplod all the way. the alliance rewards got me enough to grant level 23 on grypolyth :smiley: